Thank you for visiting our website! We are new Church in Cache, OK, which serves the greater Lawton/ Ft. Sill area. We recently celebrated our two-year ann-iversary.  Things have been going really well and God is doing great things. We invite you to check out the rest of the website and learn more about us. Please check out our Sermons page and check out our current series. We look forward to meeting you! 

A few of our distinctives are: We believe the purpose of the gathered church service on Sunday is for the worship of God and edification of His people. We promote the scattering of the church for evangelism. Our preaching is expositional, which means that we teach through books of the Bible or through sections of a book. Additionally, it means that the point of the sermon is the point of the text.  We also teach the doctrines of grace and hold to the 5 Solas of The Reformation. We are a Reformed Baptist Church that is in friendly cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention. 

 Christ-Centered Churches Conference 2017

More INformation Coming Soon – Meeting IN Lawton, OK


Christ-Centered Churches Conference exist to promote Christ-Centeredness in all matters in all churches.  


This conference is for any Christian and is meant to challenge, equip and inspire you from God's Word, to make Christ the center of all of life.  In addition, we hope to promote Christ-Centeredness in all matters, in all churches, in an age of man-centeredness.

This conference is all about the Gospel.  Five main speakers, all from local churches in Southwest Oklahoma, will preach sermons that revolve around the Gospel and make much of Jesus Christ. 

This conference will also be great for high school, college and young married couples who are learning what it means to live in a growing post/anti-Christian culture.  Our aim is to present the Gospel and the Gospel-shaped worldview in a way that will equip people to understand the world in which they live.